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With A Little Help From My Friends #2 - The Beatles - Multi-Tracks From Sgt. Pepper (CD)

  1. Mehn

    Sgt Pepper on Spotify alot lately. Sounds miles better than my remaster CD. CD is a remaster of the original stereo mix. CD is a new mix created from the original multi-tracks. are they planning on doing more of them for the White Album, Abbey Road, or Let It Be in /19/20 for those 50th anniversaries?
  2. Mikashura

    With A Little Help From My Friends - Ringo Vocals: With A Little Help From My Friends - Backing Vocals: With A Little Help From My Friends - Bass: She's Leaving Home: Sgt. Pepper's Multi's - Stereo Podcast Source From Hank And Jim Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band #1: With A Little Help From My Friends #1:
  3. Zoloran

    The Beatles - Multi-Tracks Separated [ Reviews With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney) we'd ever actually hear. with a suitable editing programme you can bring forward or reduce any part of one of the four "Pepper" tracks on this CD or you can just pop it on & take note of what went into the making of each track.
  4. Moogukasa

    --Beatles For Sale--Help!--Rubber Soul--Revolver--Yellow Submarine--Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band--Abbey Road--Magical Mystery Tour--The Beatles (White Album)--Let It Be--The Beatles (Greatest Hits Vol. 1)--The Beatles (Greatest Hits Vol. 2)--Past Masters, Volume One--Past Masters, Volume Two --Anthology, Vol. 1.
  5. Mezijas

    The Beatles - Sgt Pepper' Multi-Tracks Remixed [no label 1CD JPGR ] A fan remix of the mid leaked Sgt Pepper's multi-tracks. Just the four songs Sgt Peppers, With A Little Help From My Friends, She's Leaving Home and A Day In The Life. Ex SBD stereo. This is MP3 source.
  6. Goltigrel

    Using the original multi-tracks, I remixed every track heard here except for "Sgt. Pepper's/With a Little Help from My Friends", "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (both taken off of the Yellow Submarine Soundtrack), "Penny Lane" (taken off of the new 1+ remastered CD, with the ending trumpet riff digitally restored by yours truly), "Strawberry.
  7. Arabei

    With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney) Song Stereo Composite (date unknown) The Beatles (DISC TWO) 1. With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney) Song Goofing Around With The Sgt. Pepper Multi Radio Playback 4 CH MX From Radio Playbacks (date unknown) The Beatles 2. With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon.
  8. Zubei

    Play Along Track This Song Track includes the All Musical Sounds and instruments (minus the one you play) used in the Original Beatles Recordings, as well as any audience or special effects sounds that they used to create these Exciting Songs. You’ll Sound Just Like The Beatles when you play along with this track! No vocal parts are included. Pick the instrument that you play, and we will.

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